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Why Choose Our Premium Wine Cellar in Redwood City, CA

Whether you are a long-time wine aficionado or are just discovering your passion for wine, Collection 55 Cellars can safely store your wine.

A wine collection is a valuable asset.

At Collection 55 Cellars, we have the expertise to protect your investment in our premium wine cellar.

Benefits of Storing Wine in a Locker
Wine is a living, breathing commodity. Under proper conditions, its taste will beautifully mature to bring out the complex flavors of the ripe grapes. Our lockers maintain those appropriate conditions without the cost associated with a home wine cellar. Our comfortable and secure facility is perfect for hosting wine tastings and other gatherings. You can even access your wine at our facility after hours.

Correctly storing wine at home requires space, extensive insulation, coolers, humidifiers, and more. Our premium wine cellars are prepared to maintain your collection. Our lockers were built to protect wine from physical or environmental damage and theft. We can store a few cases or up to a thousand, and we can even customize your space to suit your specific needs.

Every bottle of wine is kept at the perfect environmental conditions to reach its full potential.

Graphic representation of a wine rack at Collection 55 Cellars in Redwood City, CA


It’s important to preserve a steady temperature and humidity level until the wine is ready to drink. The ideal wine storage temperature is 50-59°F, though slightly higher temperatures won’t necessarily do any harm. Avoiding temperature fluctuations in a wine cellar is crucial. Fluctuations can cause the cork to expand and contract, which allows oxygen to enter the wine bottle, damaging its taste and quality.

Our premium wine cellar offers a secure environment that protects your collection from the harmful influence of oxygen exposure, temperature fluctuations, excessive light, and improper humidity.