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What to Consider When You Store Sparkling Wines

What to Consider When You Store Sparkling Wines

Storing sparkling wine can be different from storing other types of wine because, unlike red wines, many types of sparkling wine, such as champagne, don’t age in the bottle. Of course, these wines will remain delicious for years if properly stored, but the flavor profile won’t change over time the way a tannic red wine will. Still, proper storage is essential to keeping that bottle of bubbly at its best until you’re ready to drink it.

Keep It Cool, but Not Cold

A green and yellow bottle sitting next to an empty glass

Like other varieties of wine, sparkling wine does best long-term in a cool, dark place. In fact, most brands of sparkling wine use a green glass bottle to minimize the amount of light that reaches the wine itself. Keep your wine at “cellar temp,” around 55 degrees Fahrenheit, to maximize its lifespan.


Humidity also plays a role in proper storage. Just like with other types of wine, you want to make sure that the cork doesn’t dry out. Humidity levels of around 70% are ideal for keeping sparkling wine in its best condition.


Sparkling wine is unique because it has carbonation. Try to avoid disturbing the carbon dioxide bubbles by storing the wine in a consistent position. In addition, it’s best to store the wine horizontally to prevent the cork from drying out.

The Refrigerator

If you’re planning on drinking your champagne or sparkling wine within a week or so, keeping it in the fridge is fine. You can keep the bottle upright for short-term storage, just don’t keep it in the door shelf; that can disturb the carbonation. For longer periods of time, sparkling wine does best in a storage cellar, but since sparkling wines taste their best when served chilled, you’ll definitely want to have them in the refrigerator for a few hours before drinking it.

Professional Storage Units

The best way to guarantee that your sparkling wines are ready for your next big event is to store them at in a professional storage facility. Collection 55 Cellars offers several sizes of wine storage lockers in Redwood City, CA that you can access any time. We keep our storage units at the optimal temperature, humidity, and light to minimize fluctuations and help your wine reach its taste potential. Contact us today to keep your wine collection safe and delicious!

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