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Interesting Facts You May Not Know About Port Wine

The best hostesses have discovered how wonderful Port berry flavors complement the bitter, sweet taste of dark chocolate. Check out these other interesting facts about Porto.

The original Portuguese wines were created for British sailors during the end of the 1600s. This dessert wine is sweet and red. It is made in the Douro Valley of Portugal. Large amounts of wine are stored in big barrels and left in caves to age. Authentic Portuguese wines carry the label “Porto.”

Proper wine storage is important. Don’t disappoint guests with improperly stored wine. Always store this precious wine out of the sun and in a cool location.

This popular wine is meant to be served at room temperature. It is wonderful for enhancing the flavors of soft, milk chocolates. Some people may also prefer it served with high-quality dark chocolate or decadent chocolate cake.

People who have sampled Port and chocolate together are thrilled with this tasty combination.