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Wine Storage Units for Wine Lovers in Redwood City, CA

Collection 55 Cellars offers a wide selection of wine storage units for California’s passionate wine lovers. We provide storage as well transporting services, and our location offers a tasting room and catering kitchen for special wine events. Find out what sets us apart from the typical wine storage facility.

Finding the Right Size

Our lockers rooms vary in sizes ranging from 20 cases to 500 cases. However, larger wine storage rooms can be customized to fit your needs. Storage has different shapes and sizes, so the choices should be based on what you prefer to drink.

Standard bins will hold wine bottles in a variety of sizes and different numbers depending on the style of wine you want to be stored. If you drink many different varietals from different countries, we suggest you use standard lockers to handle their diverse sizes. Since Bordeaux and Burgundy wine bottles are thinner that most, we’ve built Bordeaux/Burgundy specific storage lockers for our customers who only drink wines from these regions. This allows them to get more value for their space.

Boxes Supplied

If your wine bottles are currently stored in a wine cellar, and you need boxes or help with packaging for safe transport, we can provide you with our services. We have boxes for sale at $5.00 per box and if you need anything else, just ask. All it takes is one call to Collection 55 Cellars, and we’ll take care of the rest!

Personal Tour of Our Wine Storage Facility

While pictures and information on our website are great, to fully experience our wine storage facility and customer care practices, call today to schedule your personal tour. A superior customer experience is of the utmost importance to us, which is why every guest will receive a special gift with their tour. Every day we strive to build lasting relationships by going that extra mile and putting our clients first. We look forward to meeting you!

Standard Shelf Lockers
Number of Cases Monthly Storage Cost
16-18 Starting at $40.00
24-27 Starting at $52.00
32-36 $68.00
40-45 $80.00
48-54 $98.00
56-63 $115.00
72-80 $135.00


Bordeaux/Burgundy Shelf Lockers
Number of Cases Monthly Storage Cost
24-27 $44.00
30 (upper) $50.00
36-40 (lower) $78.00
42-46 (upper) $63.00
48 (upper) $67.00
54-63 $115.00
78-90 $140.00
84 $145.00