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Saluté to KL Wine 40 years of fine wine

Saluté to KL Wine 40 years of fine wine

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I caught up with K&L Wines co-founder Clyde Beffa to talk about their first 40 years in the wine business last month and captured the conversation on video.

I’ve been buying wine at KL Wines since I moved to the Bay Area in 1991 and have made new friends, built an eclectic international wine collection and have broadened my appreciation of wines from all over the World in the process.

If you haven’t been to their Website or visited one of their stores, you have a treat in store.

Regardless of what you like to pay for your average bottle of wine, I promise you get great advice, find interesting, well-made and excellent value wines at K&L.

In this 10-minute interview I chat with Clyde over a glass of his favorite tipple, a 2000 Bordeaux.


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