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To Cap or Not Cap: A Guide to Keeping Wine Fresh After It’s Uncorked

Anyone who enjoys the occasional glass of wine has likely come across the problem of what to do with an unfinished bottle. When wine is exposed to oxygen, it begins to break down. Although there are benefits to letting wine breathe, the oxygen affects the wine almost immediately. Eventually, oxygenated wine will turn into vinegar. Read More

A Huge Leap of Faith – Buying a Vineyard and Building the Corison Winery

Cathy Corison, Napa’s First Woman Winemaker – Interview

Cathy Corison is a pioneer and one of the first women to ever make wine in Napa Valley. When Cathy arrived in Napa 42 years ago, “it was just scratching its way out of prohibition”.

This was one year after the famous “Judgement of Paris” tasting, when Read More

The Best Value Sparkling Wine in USA – Gloria Ferrer Sonoma Brut

I’ve been a fan of Gloria Ferrer Sonoma Brut since I first tried it about 4-years ago, having included it in a lineup of wines in a Trader Joe’s tasting.

Gloria Ferrer Sonoma Brut is a good value wine at recommended retail of $22, but it’s a sensational value and readily available at Costco or Read More