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I’ve been a fan of Gloria Ferrer Sonoma Brut since I first tried it about 4-years ago, having included it in a lineup of wines in a Trader Joe’s tasting. Gloria Ferrer Sonoma Brut is a good value wine at recommended retail of $22, but it’s a sensational value and readily available at Costco or Read More

When it comes to rosé wines, we have the Greeks to thank. Rosé, which originated in Provence about 2,600 years ago, is made from red grapes or red grape varietals. The primary difference between rosé and standard red wines is the period of time the red grape skins remain in the beverage during fermentation. Winemakers Read More

After making a careful selection of a bottle of wine, it’s vital to ensure that it is handled correctly. This can include knowing when the wine is ready to drink, storing the wine correctly, and letting it breathe before serving. The process can seem daunting, but adhering to a handful of practices will make the Read More

** Please click title of article to see video. I caught up with K&L Wines co-founder Clyde Beffa to talk about their first 40 years in the wine business last month and captured the conversation on video. I’ve been buying wine at KL Wines since I moved to the Bay Area in 1991 and have Read More

  Riesling, is the unsung noble grape variety. It’s better known peers Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir, Merlot, and Syrah are produced widely and consumed in vast quantities. Not so Riesling. Unlike its noble cousins, few Rieslings have acquired cult status, and on the whole, the quality of Riesling for the money, makes Read More

Lodi – Reinvention from Within. Lodi Winemaker Ripeness The Lodi AVA is often described as the engine room of the American wine business, but for many wine critics, the mention of Lodi Zinfandel brings to mind hugely alcoholic, sweet red wines that are too big for any serious wine lover to consider as an accompaniment to Read More

Santa Rita Hills Ripeness In my prior blog “Santa Barbara wine Tasting Experience” I previewed wines we tasted on this trip during the 2015 vintage. The Tyler tasting notes are in the prior blog, but for completeness, I have copied them here. We hit the winery with the lowest alcohol levels first up at around Read More

My wife and I love Santa Barbara. It’s an architecturally significant and cool town, a fun drive 4-hour from the Bay Area and unlike Napa Valley, its un-crowded and very welcoming. If you go mid week, chances are you may be the only person in the tasting room. The other reason I like Santa Barbara Read More

Two years ago I attended the Pebble Beach Wine and Food Grand tasting, a terrific place to taste a cross section of wine styles and sample tasty bites from celebrity chef’s. I tasted nearly 50 wines in the 3 hours and I met Gary Pisoni, proudly presenting his Garry’s Vineyard Pinot’s. His Pinot’s were dark Read More

As Karen MacNeil observed in The Wine Bible, “The question of readiness is a valid, if frustrating one. Drinking a wine when its most interesting flavors are being fully expressed is clearly preferable to drinking a wine that’s too young to have anything much to say.” Of course, deciding when to pull a bottle from Read More